Solutions for control without radio frequencies
AUTE WC (Wired Can) and WA (Wired Analog) cable control units have been developed specifically for elevated work platforms and back-up units when radio frequencies are not allowed. The upper components match Dynamic+ series (DJS, DJL, DJR, DJM, DJN and DJQ), and are designed to protect their actuators from involuntary activation. They meet legal requirements as well as work ergonomics needs. The lower part is designed to allow for highly customizable wiring solutions.
The WC and WA cable control units can be used as alternatives to Dynamic, Dynamic+ and Dynamic+P cableless control systems.
They are equipped with IEC 60947-5-5-compliant mushroom pushbuttons which can be used for the stop or emergency stop functions. The machine manufacturer or integrator can establish whether the mushroom pushbutton performs the stop function or the emergency stop function.