AUTEC is a leading manufacturer of wireless control devices, with available safety functions, used to remotely control mobile or fixed position operating machines for countless applications in the field of construction, industrial, material handling and intralogistics.

Putting the custom in “customer”

Having recently celebrated 30 years in the business, AUTEC has become expert at personalizing wireless control systems to specifically suit the diverse needs of our customers. At AUTEC, our motto is “The exception is the rule”. We are different because our goal isn’t only building the best remote control – it’s on building the best remote control for each of our customers. You can count on our international sales & service network and professional customer service staff to be there both before and after the sale.

Focus on Core Competencies & Technological Advancement

Our R&D team, sales engineers and configuration experts have long experience in designing wireless control solutions. We strive to be known as the industry leader in radio technology integration. We will continue to invest in next-gen technologies to develop newer wireless interfaces while continuing to support our future growth. AUTEC participates in technical committees (e.g. CEI CT44, IEC TC 44/WG13) and is committed to stay ahead of the curve in terms of requirements, standards and compliance.

For more than 10 years AUTEC has also hosted annual safety meetings, where legislative changes and important updates in technical standards are shared in addition to the experience and knowledge of safety experts in the industry.